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Impralemn Service SRL is an exclusive/unique importer of Lonza Wood Protection, a business of Arch Timber Protection Ltd., products for the Romanian market and with its authorised distributors ensure the sale of the original Tanalith® E, Antiblu Select, Resistol and Restol in Romania.
Lonza Wood Protection is the leading global supplier of products and services for effective conservation and protection of the wood against mould, stain and fire. Products significantly improve and prolong the life of wood used for a wide range of aplications, both indoor and outdoor.
All Lonza Wood Protection products are tested in accordance with national and international standards.



Wood is possibly the most versatile product nature has to offer. However, it is also vulnerable to the effects of the weather, wood decay and insect attack. Tanalith® E preservative treatment extends the service life of your wood and preserves its natural appearance with a choice of colour and water repellent additive options. Wood treated with Tanalith® E is suited to both above-ground and in-ground applications across a wide range of end uses.
Just like our other products, Tanalith® E has been tried, tested and proven to effectively extend the service life of your wood and let you enjoy it for longer.

Genuine wood, natural beauty, with proven results, a trusted name:
        - effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack;
        - proven performance, widely used and accepted worldwide;
        - appealing natural green colour with excellent colour durability, blending perfectly with nature;
        - impregnated using vacuum pressure technology;
        - conforms to new European Standards and individual countries' national requirements;
        - ideal for general construction, fencing, garden and leisure timber applications.

Technical details on the use of Tanalith® E preservative and treated timbers with this product are available in our Knowledge Centre.



Antiblu Select stain protected timber contains an advanced waterborne stain management system based on biodegradable ingredients.
Sapstain, sometimes called blue stain, and mould is caused by fungi which thrive on freshly cut logs and sawn timber causing unsightly discolouration. Infected timber is unacceptable for many end uses, representing a huge loss in value.
Antiblu Select is a range of tried, tested and proven short term preservatives designed to protect freshly harvested and sawn timbers against the threat of surface moulds and blue stain (protection is designed to last throughout the seasoning, storage and transport of timber and is therefore of short duration, typically three months). These organisms can affect the appearance of sawn timbers during drying and storage and seriously reduce its commercial value.
Antiblu Select can be applied to a range of timber species through simple dipping or deluge processes.
Antibu Select treatments are ideal for the protection of pallet and packaging timbers.

Technical details on the use of Antiblu Select preservative and treated timbers with this product are available in our Knowledge Centre.


Resistol treated timber contains a metal-free preservative formulation, for use in constructional and framework applications.
A highly effective combination of new generation biocides, which provide effective and long-term protection from fungal decay and insect attack. Designed for use in internal and external building applications above dampcourse level.
Resistol wood preservative is used in a timed dip immersion process for the protection of general interior and exterior construction and framework timbers - Use Classes 1, 2 and 3 Coated (EN 335).
The appearance of Resistol treated timbers remains unchanged.
Resistol treated timber can also be used for external joinery components which are to be subsequently painted or stained.
Resistol treated timbers should only be used above the damp proof course of any building.

Technical details on the use of Resistol preservative and treated timbers with this product are available in our Knowledge Centre.


Ensele products are tried, tested and proven end grain preservatives for use with either high or low pressure preservative treated timbers.
These Ensele products should be brush applied to the surfaces of any cuts or notches made to treated timbers during installation, to maintain the integrity of the preservative protection.
Ensele products should not be used as a general brush-on wood preservative to untreated timbers.

Technical details for Ensele End Grain Preservatives are available in our Knowledge Centre.


Restol™ Wood Oil offers the perfect protection, all year round. It contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour. Restol™ Wood Oil also forms a protective layer against moisture: droplets stay on the surface of the wood rather than penetrating it. You get a durable and beautiful finish!

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