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Impralemns Service SRL operates one 1,8m x 13m pressure treatment tank using Lonza Wood Protection – Tanalith® E treatment preservatives. 
Tanalith® E wood preservative has over 20 years of proven performance around the world protecting wood against insect attack and wood decay in both in and out of ground applications.
High pressure preservatives provide long term protection against wood destroying fungi and insects and are used in almost all end use situations. The waterbased Tanalith® E solution is applied to the timber in purpose designed industrial plants using vacuum and high pressure processes. This maximises the penetration of preservative into the timber and provides long lasting protection.
A unique formulation product based on copper and organic biocides Tanalith® E is applied in a controlled, high pressure industrial process and leaves the treated timbers with an initial natural pale green colouration that blends into any outdoor environment.
Over time Tanalith® E treated timbers slowly weather to a warm honey-brown colour and eventually to a natural silver grey.
Technical details on the use of Tanalith® E preservative and Tanalith® E treated timbers are available in our Knowledge Centre.

Timber Treatment Process

Timber is loaded into treatment vessel. Initial vacuum is applied - timber cells evacuated of air
Vacuum held.
Cylinder is flooaded under vacuum with TANALITH® E wood preservative. Hydraulic pressure is applied, forcing the preservative deep into the structure of the timber. Final vacuum extracts excess preservatice solution, which is pumped back to storage. Low pressure inside the timber draws in surface solution when vented to atmosphere.
Treated timber is left to dry.

To ensure we can meet your requirements, IMPRALEMN SERVICE needs the following information:

  1. Type of timber. For example, spruce/pine, the dimensions being used, whether it is planed, sawn, green and/or seasoned.
  2. The Use Class, i.e. what the timber is being used for – see the table below.
    The greater level of protection required, the higher the Use Class number.

UC 1 — Internal, dry – for example upper floor joists
UC 2 — Internal, risk of wetting – for example tile battens
UC 3.1 — Outdoors, coated, above ground – for example window frames
UC 3.2 — Outdoors, uncoated, above ground – for example fence rails
UC 4 — Direct soil or fresh water contact – for example fence posts
UC 5 — Marine use – for example marine pilings

For more details about the technology, use class and prices please contact us.

Appearance, Colour and Durability
Tanalith® E pressure treated timber has excellent colour durability characteristics. The treated timber takes on an appealing, natural green colouration. This slowly weathers to a warm honey brown colour in external use situations and will gradually fade to a silver grey. Independent tests have confirmed the exceptional colour properties of Tanalith® E pressure treated timber compared to alternatives. Please Note: Timber is a variable product. Occasionally timber containing high or mobile resin levels can give a blue coloration at the point of treatment, but this fades rapidly upon weathering.

Tanalith® E treated timber does not have to be painted or stained to maintain its preservative properties. However, if colour is required decorative coatings can be used, as can brush on water repellent products.

Treated timber end uses and case studies

Fire Retardants

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